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Breezin’ Up began the summer of 1984 in a small shop at Bay Village in Beach Haven, NJ. The idea was simple: we wanted to design comfortable, durable clothing inspired by the beach; what you wear when you want to relax. It needed to be softly washed and slightly faded, to look and feel as if it had been hanging out in the summer sun. Our art school skills came into play as we created beachy prints and embroideries to give the clothing a unique look. We also wanted shopping at our store to be a fun experience for the whole family, so we decorated it in a weathered beach inspired decor with handmade touches.

In the beginning we did everything from start to finish. We designed the clothes, and even dyed some of them in our own washing machine. The original silk screens we created were printed in our garage. These designs were intended to celebrate the beach and remind the customer of their favorite resort town all year long. As the company grew we began to have the clothing made in small factories in America. Today our warehouse and printing facilities are in Pennsylvania. We still work with many of the same companies and people that we started with back in the 80’s.

Breezin’ Up has expanded from the Jersey Shore to beach towns in Florida, Nantucket and the Hamptons. As a family run business we continue to maintain a very hands-on approach. We create our own designs and strive to keep our stores looking “one of a kind.” We design our own line of clothing, as well A Breezin’ Up Home Line which we are proud to say are both made in America.

One of the great things about Breezin’ Up are the loyal customers that have been visiting our stores year after year. Our original customers are still coming in, but now they are bringing along their grown children and grandchildren, making it a true family and summer tradition.

We hope you enjoy our products and that you continue to make a visit to Breezin’ Up each and every summer!